Exploring different types of fence gate latches


Regarding security and aesthetics in our properties, we must recognize the importance of fence gate latches. These small devices play a pivotal role in protecting our homes and styling our fences. In this Fittings Plus article, we will explore the variety of latch types, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

Types of Fence Gate Latches


The different types of fence gate latch available on the market can be beneficial. To know which one best suits your tastes and needs, here is a list of 7 latches, which can be easily adapted to your requirements:

1. Classic deadbolt latch

The deadbolt latch is a traditional option that offers security and simplicity. Thanks to its sturdy design, this latch provides a secure and reliable lock for closing doors. In addition, its ease of use makes it a popular choice for those who value practicality.

2. Latch bolt with cylinder and key

For those looking for an additional level of security, cylinder and key latches are ideal. These latches allow locking and unlocking with a key, so you can control who can access your property. They are perfect for fences surrounding high-value areas or requiring extra security.

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3. Magnetic snap latch

The advancement of technology has brought with it some very innovative options that help with security but also help with appearance, such as magnetic snap latches. These use magnets to keep the door securely closed, plus they are easy to install, and their design without protruding elements makes them an aesthetically pleasing option.

4. Automatic latch

Convenience is one of the critical points of automatic latches since they close automatically when the door is pushed and are released when the latch is pulled from the inside. This makes them ideal for used doors, as they prevent the door from being accidentally left open.

5. Hook and Eye Latch


The hook and eye latch is a versatile choice that adapts to various fence styles. It consists of a theme that snaps into an eye, which provides a firm latch. This fence gate latch option is prevalent for rustic or traditional fences due to its classic look and simple functionality.

6. Horizontal sliding latch

Horizontal sliding latches are ideal for sliding gates on fences. They offer a secure and discreet closure, making them an elegant choice for garden or patio entrances.

7. Toggle latch

Push lever latches are perfect for closing doors that need to close tightly but must be easy to open. These are activated by pressing a lever and released by pulling it, providing a balance between security and accessibility.

The Ideal Latch

Choosing the ideal fence gate latches will depend on a combination of factors, including the level of security desired, the style of the fence, and the frequency of use.

Whether you opt for a classic design, innovative technology, or a combination of both, you must choose one that fits your needs and complements the aesthetics of your property. Before making a decision, research the different options available on the market. In addition to consulting with a professional or an expert, we are at Fittings Plus, so you can be sure you have purchased the right and most suitable product.

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Remember that with our help and advice, you can choose and acquire the best latches since we are professionals and have the best products to secure the places you need the most. In addition, we can help you install these, in case you require it.

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