Things you should know before hiring a Fence Contractor

Fence Contractor

Things you should know before hiring a Fence Contractor

When working with a specialist contractor of any type, it is important for you to be prepared with certain information before you begin. Because let's be honest here, there is a significant difference between each and every contractor.

You have to be able to ask the correct questions in order to obtain the contractor that you desire and the fence that you need.

Get several quotes

You shouldn't just choose the first business that you come across. Because prices might differ from one firm to the next, it is crucial to receive estimates from several different businesses before making a choice.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

Check if they have a license and that they are insured

Before you choose the contractor, you should be sure to perform some research on their past. Any reliable contractor should be able to provide their license number and should also have at least some level of liability insurance.

This is a positive indicator that the company you're working with is reputable and concerned about maintaining high standards and keeping people safe.

Examine the feedback they've received

It is possible to determine whether or not their clients were pleased with the work they had done in the past by reading reviews and testimonials. You may find these things by going to websites such as Yelp and Home Advisor.

You may get an indication of the quality of their work by looking at pictures of projects that have been finished. You might also try asking around in your immediate area if you haven't already.

Investigate the level of quality in their work

It is essential to ensure that the contractor you select works with high-quality materials in all of their projects. A fence is an investment in the long run, therefore you wouldn't want to choose materials of poor quality that will only survive for a few years at most. However, the materials are not the only factor that determines quality. Check to see that the contractor will not take any shortcuts while working on the project. In order to ensure that you won't be left with a mess when the service is over, you should question them about their policy about clean up.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

You may get a better idea of the sort of job a person is capable of doing by looking at their prior work and reading evaluations that were written about them. If you want the greatest results, we suggest that you check out Fittingsplus.

Investigate whether or if they are members of any professional associations

The fact that the contractor is a member of a professional organization, such as the American Fence Association (AFA), may assist demonstrate that the firm is reputable and that it is dedicated to producing high-quality work.

Investigating their standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can also provide you with useful information on the level of professionalism they maintain. A business that has had a large number of complaints that have not been addressed will get a poor rating. You should search for a firm that has received an A rating or above.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

Before you get started, make sure you have a contract in writing

If you are going to have any type of work done on your property, you are going to want to make sure that you have a contract that defines the work that is going to be done. Anything similar to this is not an issue for a legitimate contractor, and doing something like this will be a normal procedure for them.

You and the contractor will both be protected from any possible issues by having them outlined in a contract. You will have a better notion of what to anticipate if the scope of the project is established in advance and agreed upon by all parties involved. If you have the expenses of the project broken down item by item, you will have a better idea of how they compare to any alternative possibilities.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

Inquire of them with queries

While the pricing and the quality of the work are both significant factors to think about, it is helpful to have a contractor that is approachable, well-informed, and prepared to answer concerns since this may make the whole process go more smoothly.

If they get irritated when you ask them simple questions and are unwilling to explain why certain things need to be done, they are probably not the best person for you to work with. If the contractor is prepared to listen to your worries and requirements, the project as a whole will go off with far less friction.

Check to see if they provide any sort of guarantee

The vast majority of companies who install fences will offer at least a fundamental guarantee. You should avoid hiring a contractor that is unwilling to address any problems promptly after the task at hand has been finished. A reliable contractor will complete a final walkthrough with you, during which they will evaluate the standard of the finished project and indicate whether or not they are willing to address any concerns you may have.

You may make your search for a great contractor a bit simpler by keeping these ideas in mind while you are on the hunt for one. You may save yourself a lot of trouble in the future if you make it a point to conduct business with only reputable independent contractors.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

What Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Fencing Contractor?

How does one go about finding a contractor that has the necessary amount of experience?

Instead of pressuring you to choose one style of the fence over another, a reliable contractor will present you with several alternatives and then assist you in making your decision. In addition to this, it is necessary for them to be familiar with your region in order for them to be aware of the construction codes.

What does a normal day look like for those who work on building projects?

It is mostly dependent on the staff, but you will know you have a good crew when they desire to remain a bit longer to finish off the work rather than leaving the yard in shambles for another day.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

How can I ensure that the work is completed in its entirety before they leave?

Before leaving a project site, it is customary for the foreman and at least one member of the team to walk the fence and verify that all of the details have been attended to.

After that step is finished, the house owner and the contractor will often meet to go over the work together and make sure the homeowner is pleased with the results.

Which type of fence should I go with?

Each fence is built with a distinct function in mind from the beginning of the design process. If you are unsure about which option to go with, your contractor will be happy to go through all of your available choices with you.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

How much time does it take to set up everything?

It will never take more than a work week regardless of the size of your property or the type of fence you have.

If your contractor estimates that it will take more than three days, this is an indication that they are working over their capacity. The construction of the fence should never be interrupted for more than a day at a time after work has commenced on it.


How much does it cost to have a fence installed?

The installation of a fence is a labor-intensive undertaking that requires people with prior expertise. Building a fence will run you anything from $30 to $80 an hour, as a minimum wage. Remember that this does not include permits, which can add an additional $400 to $800 to the

total cost.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

The ultimate price of the fence installation will also be impacted by the type of material used to construct the fence. The installation of a fence made of iron is more expensive than the alternative of erecting a fence made of chain link.

The cost of labor and materials combined might account for up to half of the total cost to install a fence. The final cost will vary depending on factors such as the size of the space, whether or not there is waste there, and whether or not the workers need to address a slope.

Is the installation of a fence by a handyperson permissible under the law?

Even while handypersons are capable of performing a variety of fundamental works without the need for a contractor license, construction is not one of those jobs. It is against the law in the majority of states to perform any kind of structural work or modification without proper certification and authorization. This involves the construction as well as the installation of fences.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

Do the majority of companies who install fences provide free estimates?

You have the ability to seek a written estimate for the cost of installing your fence since this is your legal right. On the other hand, it is quite unlikely that you will be provided with pricing over the phone or online.

This is due to the fact that the topography in the area around your property has a part in deciding the cost of installing your fence. However, a skilled contractor will make the effort to travel to your location and meet with you at no additional cost. Consider it a warning sign if a contractor for the installation of a fence tries to charge you for just an estimate

Hiring a Fence Contractor