Complete Guide to buying Wood Post Caps

Wood Post Caps

Complete Guide to Buying Wood Post Caps

Your deck design will only be finished with the appropriate wood post caps, regardless of whether you are constructing a new one or giving an older one a facelift. They are a time-honored favorite that exemplifies timeless elegance in their design and allure.  In addition, post caps are an excellent method to exhibit your unique sense of style in any outdoor area. You may finish a classic wood baluster with a fence post cap made of wood or use them to give some texture to a more modern deck design. 

Because of their dual purpose as a protective and aesthetic element, post caps are an excellent finishing touch for any deck. They are an excellent technique to avoid rot and decay in your fence posts since they serve as a barrier against insects and the outdoors. Today's market offers various post caps in multiple styles and materials. You will not only receive high-quality products, but you will also have the opportunity to select a diverse choice of patterns. 

Why to use Wood Post Caps?

In addition to their sturdiness, these post caps have impressive functionality. They are constructed in such a way as to shield the exposed end of wooden posts from the kinds of inclement weather that can cause the wood to decay. 

Wood Post Caps


They also protect your posts from insects, which would otherwise destroy the wood and put your deck's structural integrity at risk if they were allowed to do so. You should apply a layer of high-quality external finish to your wooden post cap, just as with any other wooden product. 

This will assist in preserving the natural beauty of the wood and ensure that it will survive for an extended period. Be careful to apply the finish to all the wooden parts, including the underside of the cap, before beginning the installation process.

You won't need to prepare it in any other manner but that, as it is the only need. Because the wood post caps have already been kiln-dried, you won't need to wait an additional time for them to cure before applying the finish of your choice. 

Wood Post Caps


They are also coated with a potent insecticide known as copper azole type B (CA-B), which will keep termites away from your wooden post cap and preserve it from rotting. Wood post caps can have a flat top, a pyramidal top, or a round top. 

These three different shapes are all available. However, spherical post caps made of wood are the most common choice.

Wood Post Caps

Size of wood posts caps

An extensive range of sizes is available for wood post caps, and a diversity of materials is functional. These are among them:

Wood post caps in the size of 4x4

These post caps have apertures in them that are designed to fit onto deck posts that have dimensions of 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. 

Various alternatives are available for 4x4 post caps, ranging from cedar and hardwood to pressure-treated timber, making them suitable for multiple aesthetic preferences and financial constraints. The interior measurements of each cap are 3-5/8 by 3-5/8.

Wood Post Caps

Wood post caps in the size of 6x6

These wood post caps are 6x6 inches and ideal for capping treated, cedar, or redwood deck posts of the same size. 

They are designed to sit atop standings that are 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches in length. The measurements on the interior are 5-5/8 x 5-5/8 inches.

Wood Post Caps

Wood post caps measuring 4x6

Wood post caps that measure 4 x 6 inches are meant to fit on more rectangular deck posts. They are compatible with 3-5/8 inches posts x 5-5/8 inches.

Wood Post Caps

Wood post-cap price

Wood post caps are among the most cost-effective solutions that can now be purchased from various vendors throughout the market. The cost of one of these caps typically falls between $5 and $40, but it may go as high as $80 in some cases.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood post caps

If you choose to construct your deck out of wood, you should be prepared for several obstacles. The first issue to be addressed is water damage, which occurs when moisture penetrates your posts over time and leads to splintering and cracking. 

Then there is the problem of insects like termites, which may tunnel their way through the wood and do significant damage. Termites are one example of this problem. Therefore, it is evident that you need to defend the tops of your posts to avoid losing your deck at some point in the future. 

Where do post caps come into play, then? To minimize expenses, however, many individuals have begun purchasing decking products that do not include this necessary component. When you are planning your next deck makeover, it is essential to keep the following benefits in mind:

Wood Post Caps

Advantages of wooden caps for posts

Immune to rotting and insect infestations

Most wooden post tops are preserved using a treatment that inhibits decomposition over time. The fact that the same chemicals employed in this procedure also make wood post caps resistant to insects like termites is very encouraging news. 

This guarantees that your wooden posts and hats will not decay or crumble over time and can withstand the test of time.

Wood Post Caps

Guards against the effects of water damage

Because they are intended to be placed on top of the deck posts, wood post caps are an essential component in the fight against water rot and rot caused by insects. 

They cover the post tops, which prevents precipitation of any kind, including snow and rain, from getting into the wood below.

Remarkable provisions for the warranty

The fact that extended warranties cover most wooden goods is one of the most remarkable things about purchasing them. This often includes protection against infestation by termites and degradation caused by fungi.

Wood Post Caps

Extremely reasonable in cost

Regarding price, post caps made out of wood are significantly more cost-effective than those made of other materials such as composite, vinyl, or glass.

Disadvantages of wood post caps

The resulting discoloration

Wood is a product of the natural world. Because of this, wooden post caps are susceptible to damage from the elements, particularly after being in the sun for an extended period. The wood may become discolored over time if it is not treated correctly. 

Post caps have all been subjected to heat treatment to your good fortune. The likelihood of this occurring is decreased as a result of this.

Wood Post Caps


Requires regular maintenance

Wood post caps, like any other type of wood decking material, can withstand the test of time for at least thirty years. However, for this to occur, the wood must be maintained appropriately and consistently. 

Staining, pressure washing, and consistent application of sealer and stains are all potential steps in this process. Unfortunately, such maintenance may pile up over time and become quite expensive.

Wood Post Caps

Environmental concerns

When treating their wood post caps, some producers resort to chemicals that are hazardous to the environment. Purchasing these products from these vendors can cause more harm to your outdoor environment than good.

The firm treats all post caps using compounds certified in the industry. This guarantees that the new post caps you purchase will be able to protect your posts without hurting the surrounding environment.

Wood Post Caps


If your deck is missing something extra, installing wood post caps is a pleasure and an easy way to give your patio more style and personality. It is a beautiful accessory since it is attractive but also long-lasting and inexpensive. When purchasing these wooden post caps, you will undoubtedly receive your money's worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fasten the post caps made of wood?

We strongly advise using exterior-grade construction glue to attach ornamental post caps to posts to complete the installation process successfully. 

After thoroughly coating the interior of the lid with the glue and securing it in place over the top of the base, the cap can be removed.

How exactly does one go about removing wooden post caps?

Because most vinyl and wood deck post caps are secured using sticky PVC glue, you will need to take a small hammer and pound the bottom of the lid around the post. Do this around the center. 

The cap should become pliable enough for you to remove after doing this. After that, give the surface a careful and complete cleaning.

Wood Post Caps

What exactly is a nominal post made of wood?

When you notice the phrase "Nominal" next to lumber sizes, it indicates that the actual dimensions of the wood are less than what the sales name implies. 

This is because the sales name is based on the timber's appearance. The way that wood has been used throughout history is the root cause of this phenomenon.