What are the types of fence finials?

Fence Finials

What are the Types of Fence Finials?

A diverse range of designs and materials are available for fence finials, often referred to as fence post caps. Their patterns may be as simple, functional, elaborate, and intricate as the client desires. In addition to being made of wood, plastic, iron, and aluminum, fence finials may also be purchased in various other materials.

Finials are architectural elements typically used as decorative or ornamental features to mark the top or end of domes, spires, roofs, gables, buildings, or other structures; smaller finials feature on things like curtain rods, bedposts, and clocks. 

Finials can also be used as a decorative or ornamental feature to mark spires, roofs, gables, the top or end of domes, buildings, or other structures. They are most often employed in this capacity. In addition to serving as a decorative or aesthetic component, finials may denote the summit or conclusion of domes, spires, roofs, gables, buildings, or other types of constructions.

Fence Finials

This may be accomplished in several different ways. A decorative component adds the last flourish to an item of furniture or a post and acts as an aesthetic focal point. A finial is a little ornamental component fastened to the very peak of a furniture feature or a sculptured architectural embellishment. Finials may also be used interchangeably with the term tippet.

Fence Finials

Types of Fence Finials

Fleur de Lis

This specific style option is slightly rounded at the terminals and has a form that resembles a flower to some extent when seen from above. It is a component used relatively often in the architecture of French buildings. 

You can commission a final bespoke design that suits your house or some of the features it includes since there are numerous iterations of the same design. This is because there are several versions of the same design. 

These high-impact polypropylene Fleur de Lis finials may be installed using just taps; no other special equipment is necessary. You can give your fence a fantastic look in a concise amount of time and with minimal effort! Please take the steps needed to measure one side of the square fence tubing to which you want to connect the final to ensure that it is the correct size. 

It should be either three-quarter of an inch, five-eighths of an inch, or half an inch. After deciding on your measurement, choose the size finial that matches your desire. This will complete the process.

Fence Finials

Spear of the Triad

The bottom of this finial has a basic design. However, the top of it is formed like the pointed end of a spear. Typically, it is used on properties that are more concerned about providing the maximum possible degree of protection for their fence than giving a pleasing appearance for the wall. 

This is because the primary function of the border is to defend the property. Since cast iron is the most long-lasting material, it is the most frequent material used in the construction of triad spear finials. This is because cast iron is the best material to safeguard your property. 

Fence Finials

Your fence's look may be elevated to that of something more than simple square caps if ornamental components like spears and finials are added to it. This is because these components are decorative.

Spearheads may take on an almost infinite number of forms, although they permanently terminate at a point. Some of them include a safety feature in the shape of a little ball located right at the very end of one. A finial is a decorative feature frequently made in a decorative style.

It is an element that identifies the top or end of an object and is identified by its ornamental name. Again, since such a wide variety of materials and styles are available, you may construct a fence that is more of an aesthetic work of art than a practical boundary.

Fence Finials


Fence Arrow Finials

In addition to having a sharp outline, items of this kind also have a swooping base. This is in contrast to the triad spear form, which has a straight bottom. In this sense, it enhances the look of your fence while also contributing to the increased security of your property. Cast iron is the material utilized in fabricating arrow finials more often than any other material. 

This Arrow Style Finial is just what you need for the top of your fence posts if you want to give them a bit of refinement while at the same time maintaining their whimsical quality. This specific finial has the form of a pyramid and tapers out into a ball at its apex; it was created to be fastened to the pinnacle of diagonal pillars that measure 3 inches in width. 

The breadth of the finial is 5 14 inches, and its height is 8 34 inches when standing alone. This finial is built to last and can withstand severe weather conditions due to its construction out of cast aluminum coated with a powder coating to prevent corrosion and decay. Because of this, this finial is made to endure and is capable of withstanding severe weather conditions.

Fence Finials


When contrasted with the designs of the many other potential finials, this one is larger and has more elaborate embellishments than those seen on the others. At the very top, it has a design that resembles an acorn, and at the bottom, it contains several various techniques in various styles. 

Fence Acorn Finials

Therefore, those interested in an alternative for their fence that is both extravagant and highly attractive to the eye might think about using an acorn finial as a choice. The wooden finials fastened to fence posts are created from high-quality softwood timber that has been extensively pressure-treated. These finials are mounted to fence posts using screws. 

When the wood is treated this way, it is less likely to rot when left out in the open. An excellent focal point has been created at the very top of each post by fashioning this specific specimen into the shape of an acorn. 

Fitted them with a screw with two heads to facilitate the installation procedure. Before trying to fix the cap down, you can obtain a square post cap that goes below the finial at an extra expense. This post cap will go below the final.

Fence Acorn Finials


A final design in the federal style will have a simple shape and terminate at a squared-off point. Because it is so easy to do, people will be able to focus on the design of your house or on other aspects of your fence and landscaping instead of having to worry about doing it themselves. 

Fence Federal Finials

In addition, it enhances your property's security, but not to the same degree as the triad spear does. When bringing a regular metal fence up to the degree of complexity necessary for a feature in a magazine, the pinnacles described above are the most acceptable alternative available. 

If you decide to install a metal fence around your property, which often includes posts, you will have several options to choose from. This will allow you to achieve more privacy on your land. For instance, you could plant plants or trees around the fence or install lovely privacy slats between the posts.


Glass post caps are not only sturdy and beautiful, but they also provide a splash of color and character to any deck railing. They are constructed from exceptionally thick glass to shield the tops of your posts from the deteriorating effects that might result from extended exposure to the elements. 

In addition, they provide an eye-catching splash of color, which, together with the rest of your deck's design, may make it a gorgeous and whimsical sanctuary. The installation of glass post caps is a straightforward process. To attach them to any 4x4 or 6x6 wood post, you will need only a tiny amount of silicone glue.

Fence Glass Finials


Solar post caps are a forward-thinking innovation that has caused a stir in the decking market in recent years. Wood, metal, glass, composites, vinyl, and other materials may be used in their construction. 

The most advantageous quality of these caps is that they provide a straightforward and quick method for adding illumination to your deck. Solar deck post caps harness the sun's rays and turn them into usable light. 

They provide a warm, subdued light that may improve the aesthetic appeal of any deck. Sunburned all day, these post caps may be used in the evening to provide a soft, warm white light that is ambient. Season and location affect pricing and runtimes. 

However, the time that the post caps are illuminated by sunlight determines how long they will continue to do so after the sun goes down. Fittingsplus solar post caps come with rechargeable batteries with an expected lifespan of at least one year each. 

Fence Solar Finials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the metal caps placed on fence posts?

Because the exposed top of an unprotected fence post allows water, moisture, and air to penetrate the wood, the post will soon rot if it is not covered. A post cap is a sole thing that can prevent the post from being damaged. 

Your fence will maintain its structural soundness and last for many more years if you invest in quality post caps that prevent moisture from entering through the end grain.

How do you take off the caps on the fence post?

Because most vinyl and wood deck post caps are secured using sticky PVC glue, you will need to take a small hammer and pound the bottom of the lid around the post. 

Do this around the post. The cap should become pliable enough for you to remove after doing this. After that, give the surface a careful and complete cleaning.

What exactly is the function of the finial?

A finial component is often used for cosmetic reasons and is attached to the very top or very end of an item. 

In architecture, it is used to draw attention to the summit of a spire, tower, dome, or roof, as well as any other notable aspect of a building. A group of finials might be referred to as a pinnacle, much like a flock of birds.