What are fence cover shoes, their importance

Fence Cover Shoes

What are fence cover shoes, their importance

Have you ever come across something known as fence post shoes? These are simple additions that may be made to garden fences so that they have a longer lifespan and are better able to withstand the effects of adverse weather.

If you take a glance at your fence right now, what kind of shape is it in? Is it outdated and in poor condition? Is it broken, and do you require a replacement for it? Is it still in usable condition? Is this a brand-new fence but one that does not have post-shoes? It's time to add fence post shoes to your garden fence if you haven't already. The advantages of using fence post shoes are discussed further in the article.

In addition to their more common names, post shoes are also known as fence post shoes, timber post shoes, and post supports. These are made to easily anchor wooden posts onto concrete, providing additional stability and shielding them from damage caused by fungi and moisture at the same time.

The posts of wooden decking, pergolas, gazebos, and other types of garden structures can be securely fastened with these.

At Fittingsplus, we create a large variety of post supports that are available for purchase. These post supports include elevated post bases, heavy-duty shoes, lightweight shoes, and adjustable post supports. In addition, we may provide bespoke post shoes that are tailored to the dimensions and style specifications you specify. Get in touch with a member of our staff right away for further information.

Fence Cover Shoes

About Fence Cover Shoes

Because there is such a wide variety of styles when it comes to garden fencing, it is essential that each one be properly supported by the appropriate post-shoes. When attached to a fence post, the spikes will make it much simpler to drive the post into the ground, regardless of whether the supporting ground is concrete or dense soil. 

Supports for fence posts are manufactured to be compatible with pre-existing fence posts. This compatibility enables the fence posts to be securely encased in concrete and maintain their position.

Our assortment of high-quality fence post spikes and shoes are suitable for the installation of new fences as well as the repair of your existing fence. They will tighten firmly to the base of the fence post, thereby retaining them firmly in place to prevent the posts from rotting or deteriorating to an excessive degree.

Fence Cover Shoes


You can count on us to provide you with high-quality fence post spikes and shoes that are suitable for all kinds of fences, including metal bases and bolt-down shoes.

Customers have benefited from fittingsplus's assistance for many years. We have a wide variety of products, including equipment, tools, and accessories, all of which are intended to make your work simpler and more productive.

Because we want to continue to provide you with trustworthy products that you can rely on to get the job done, each and every one of the items that you will find in this category as well as any place else on our website has been painstakingly chosen and sourced from the best possible sources.

Fence Cover Shoes

Importance of Fence Post Shoe

Increase the Garden Fence's Stability and Support with Additional Posts

Increasing a fence's or other outdoor structure's stability and support with the addition of additional elements is of the utmost importance.

You not only want a high garden fence that will block the view of your neighbors as well as people who are passing by, but you also want a solid and strong fence that will endure the elements and provide your home with an additional layer of protection. Your garden fence can be made more sturdy and robust with the addition of post shoes.

Protect From the Harm Caused By Water, Fungi, And Insects

The fence post shoes protect the wooden posts from water damage, fungal damage, and insect damage by acting as a barrier between the soil and the posts.

The wooden posts will have a longer lifespan thanks to the protection that post shoes provide against this kind of damage.

Fence Cover Shoes

Various Kinds of Fence Shoes

Let me walk you through the many kinds of fence post shoes now that you are aware of some of the advantages of using post shoes. I am hoping that by providing you with this information, I will be able to assist you in selecting the post-support shoe that would work best for your garden fence.

Fittingsplus carries a wide variety of main post shoes, including but not limited to the following:

  • post shoes designed for heavy-duty use that are suited for use in heavy-duty situations
  • light post shoes are ideal for situations that don't require much support
  • post shoes created to order and tailored according to your specifications
  •  raised post bases that are adjustable, making them perfect for installing wooden posts that require adjustment
  • elevated post bases that are appropriate for wooden posts that are required to be raised off the ground

Post shoes are only one of the many products that Fittingsplus offers. Therefore, if you are in need of heavy-duty fence post support or bolt-down post shoes, such as galvanized post shoes or stainless steel post shoes, get in touch with their team because they have a team that is both courteous and extremely knowledgeable.

Fence Cover Shoes

How to install Fence Cover Shoes


  1. Shoes with posts
  2. Stumps made of wood
  3. Hammer drill
  4. Drill
  5. Masonry and concrete masonry and drilling bits
  6. Spirit level
  7. Fixtures for anchoring concrete
  8. wrenches, either a spanner or a socket wrench

Fence Cover Shoes



Step 1. Put the post shoe in the position you want it, then note the locations of the four drilling holes.

Step 2. Take off the post shoe, and then use a hammer drill equipped with masonry and concrete drill bits to make holes in the concrete. There are fasteners that enable the base to be left in place while the hole is "thru drilled."

Fence Cover Shoes


Step 3. After ensuring that the post shoe is aligned such that it sits atop the drilled holes, secure it in place with concrete anchor bolts.

Step 4. Insert the wooden post, and if the post shoe has side bolts, make sure they are sufficiently tightened so that the wooden post does not move.

Step 5. Make sure the post is standing straight by using a spirit level.

Fence Cover Shoes

Please take note that the base of the post may need to be trimmed down in order to accommodate our Heavy Duty Post Shoes that come in sizes 100mm and 150mm. This provides the structure with a clean and polished "flush" finish.

Fence Cover Shoes


Is it possible to attach fence posts with bolts to concrete?

You can use metal fence posts with base plates if you already have a concrete slab in place and you want to mount fence posts directly to the slab. A base plate is just a flat metal plate that is attached to the bottom of your fence post. These are also sometimes referred to as anchor plates.

Are there any benefits to using post spikes?

Why do you use spikes on the fence post? The ease with which metal fence spikes may be installed as post supports is the primary benefit of employing these spikes. Installation requires only a few common tools and does not require any digging or concrete. When left in concrete for an extended period of time, even high-quality treated wood posts will deteriorate to some extent.

How may a weak fence post that is set in concrete be fixed?

The use of a steel wedge is an effective solution to the problem of your post moving around inside of its concrete footing. These can be driven between the post and the concrete footing in order to correct a post that is leaning or wobbling.

What's the deal with the shoes hanging from the fence posts?

The ranchers are pretty resourceful people, so when something like this occurs, they lay boots on top of the posts to keep them covered and prevent rainwater from seeping into the posts and rusting them out. A rancher may often hang a pair of boots on a fencepost as a mark of respect after the death of a cherished horse, a trusted hired hand, or a fallen comrade.

Do you think post-shoe would work for decking?

Post shoes are commonly known as fence post supports or deck posts; however, these can also be referred to as post supports, wood posts, or post bases. Post shoes are made of wood. These are versatile and can be put to use in a number of different contexts, such as for providing additional support for securing posts in the construction of pergolas, decking, carports, and other structures.

How can a fence be installed without first digging a hole?

The revolutionary design of a No Dig fence eliminates the need for augering and cementing of posts, in contrast to the more conventional construction of fences. Instead, the integrity of the fence is ensured by driving steel spikes into the ground at regular intervals. After the spikes have been set up, the fence panels are connected to the spike posts by means of the eyelets that are located on the fence panels.

How far into the ground should a fence post be set?

2 feet. The depth of the hole must be one-third to one-half of the height of the post just above ground