Which Latches to Use for a Fence?


Which Latches to Use for a Fence?

Different Types of Latches for Fence Gates

Three primary types of gate latches may be chosen, and these categories are based on how the latches are created.


The catch is closed by gravity, which is appropriate given that the latch is called for the mechanism that operates it. It works by using the swing's power to push the latch arm beyond the striking plate, enabling the arm to fall into the catch. This occurs as the barrier is brought closer to its closing position. 

This is an appealing choice since it also has the potential to be self-latching. This means that if the door is closed due to being blown shut by the wind, the arm should move into position independently without needing assistance from an outside source. 

Because the peninsula has to fall into the strike for the mechanism to function, gravity-based versions are always of the two-sided kind. The option is straightforward to use, although the base model doesn't provide anything lot in the way of protection. 

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If you want to make the barrier completely impenetrable, you may seek designs that can be locked, or you can add a second deadbeat or sliding bolt to it. Most methods that provide locking options will have a hole into which a padlock may be inserted. To take advantage of this function, you must memorize a combination or bring along a key. 

Double-sided gravity systems that include an in-swinging option are often utilized in the installation process. However, to use it with an out-swinging door, the installation must be switched over so that the arm is on the side facing the street. 

This can be a simple task or one that involves more time and effort, depending on the gravity model you choose and the number of installation alterations you want to make. In most cases, installations of gravity-based designs may be completed as a simple do-it-yourself effort.




Powered by a Spring

The closing motion of spring-loaded variants is assisted by a spring, as opposed to being assisted by gravity in the case of their gravity-operated equivalents. Spring versions give a smoother motion on the handle, making it easier to open or shut the barrier. 

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The cost of a spring option is often more than the cost of a gravity option. The spring mechanism is activated when the latch arm is forced into position by applying pressure to the spring that secures the arm. This causes the arm to snap into place.

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The spring-loaded choices will always have a double-sided design. The door may be opened with these two-way types from the inside or outside, and even locked variations are available. In the same way that gravity models are customarily utilized, spring-loaded latches are typically employed on an in-swinging option; however, the installation may be reversed for an out-swinging gate if that is what is required. 

The complexity associated with the structure may vary from simple and easy to challenging, depending on the design you choose and the company from whom you buy it.

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The image of a bolt latch being used to secure a fence comes to mind for a significant number of individuals. In the classic design of the deadbolt, the rod is slipped into the fastening bolt, which then keeps the door in place. This is how the procedure works. 

It's a one-sided latch that can only be fastened from the inside. This choice presents little complexity and difficulty during the installation process. They may be attached to in-swinging as well as out-swinging fences, and if a padlock is used, they can be made to be lockable in either position. 

These are often the most budget-friendly option and are available in a wide range of dimensions and construction types.

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Considerations Regarding the Fence Gate Latch

Now that you understand the many kinds of locks, the materials they are made of, and how each one operates, here are a few additional questions to ask that may influence your choice on whether or not to make a purchase. Gate catches available may be a better option for you if you are searching for items that give an extra layer of security or if you have fencing that serves a specific function.


Some homeowners erect a barrier around their property to maintain their privacy or to contain their pets. In contrast, others do it because they appreciate the extra layer of protection it provides for their house. Keep in mind that installing a lock will involve an additional step in entering and exiting your boundaries, but it could be worth it.

Purchasing a gate catch that locks is the most typical technique to increase one's level of protection. You have the choice of selecting one that comes with a key, as well as one that comes with the capability of incorporating a padlock or combination lock into the design. 

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It is recommended that the safe side of the coil be installed on the side of the door that faces your yard, away from the street, and toward your house. Because of this, you can throw open the door if friends or family members visit you, but passersby on the road cannot circumvent the security feature.

Door Hardware

It could be tempting to utilize typical door hardware on your outside gate, but according to the specialists, this is not the best course of action. Not only is it not intended to account for the seasonal movement of the wood, but it is also not restricted to functioning solely on doors with standard thickness. If you are not acquainted with the process of seasonal wood transportation, allow us to explain it.

The varying temperatures and humidity levels throughout the year cause the expansion and contraction of outside wooden gates. If you install conventional door hardware during the dry summer months, you may find that the gate expands somewhat and no longer catches correctly during the rainy winter months.

This is because the gate was installed during the dry summer months. On the other hand, if you install during a period when the wood is contracted, it can result in complications when the wood dries out and expands again. Because of these issues, there is a possibility that the mechanism may not catch well and will not remain closed during the dry and hot summer months. 

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The temperature, the weather, and the amount of humidity in the air will not have the same effects on the front door of your house as they do on the inside doors. On the other hand, traditional door hardware is not intended to protect against these possible issues. 

Be careful to choose materials that are suitable for usage outside to avoid complications resulting from using inappropriate equipment for the task at hand. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions to account for seasonal movement, and always use hardware designed mainly for the material that your outdoor gate is made of.

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Gates that are either Double or Sliding

If your enclosure includes two movable doors, you will need to make a few more design considerations to create a latch that is not only practical but also visually beautiful. In most cases, more noticeable hardware is required for openings 10 feet or more in width. 

This is done so that the hardware may most effectively complement the design. You should also choose a latch that provides a corresponding fake handle on the fixed side to balance the overall appearance. 

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Double and sliding doors are renowned for slamming against one another and creating unnecessary strain and stress on metal and other materials. This may lead to a malfunction or failure if the issue is not adequately handled.

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Gate Stops

The definition of a gate halt is precisely the same as what it sounds. It's a device that will stop your door from swinging violently and, as a result, cause wear and tear on either the hinges or the latch arm. Your door will not be able to pass through the barrier created by the stopper. 

On a windy day, when the power of the breeze may push the fence farther than it is supposed to travel, which might result in damage, this safeguards against the possibility of such damage occurring. Additionally, it may prevent the swinging leaves of a double or rolling gate from colliding with one another when the gate is closed. 

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These jarring motions can cause the arm on your closing mechanism to bend or break and damage the hinges by yanking them entirely out of the post where they are attached. This simple improvement may be made for less than twenty dollars. 

Still, it is a wise investment if you want to protect yourself against the possibility of incurring expensive repairs in the future. If the door's hinges or latch arms are broken, you will need to replace the complete hardware kit to get the door to operate correctly again.

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