Why Should We Use Handrails?


Why Should We Use Handrails?

Handrails are not only an attractive addition to the overall appearance of a home, but they also make walking on stairs, decks, and ledges much more secure.

Handrails are not only attractive but also practical; however, there are many other good reasons to install them in your house. Because of this, FittingsPlus has compiled a list of the many ways in which installing handrails in your home would be beneficial.


What exactly are handrails?

Banisters sometimes referred to as banister rails, are another name for handrails. When people are climbing stairs, banisters are supposed to provide a kind of support framework for them.

When people climb stairs, they can either be constructed into the design of the staircase itself or affixed to the walls to provide support for the climbers. The number of rails that are required might vary from one to two depending on the type of staircase. Some staircases only need one rail, while others need two.

Rails are available in many different materials, including wood, acrylic, metal, and many others outside these. Wood is the material that's used for the vast majority of stair railings. Wood is a popular material for stair treads because it is readily available and simple to repair if damaged. Additionally, wood is an exceptionally tough and long-lasting material.


What are the Benefits of Having Handrails on Stairs?


The value of handrails is typically attributed to safety, as the use of rails on stairs can prevent people from falling down them. Anyone, but particularly children and elderly people, should avoid using stairs that do not have railings because they pose a safety risk.

It is now a necessity under the law for your stairs to be supported by a rail, and any construction company, joiner, or another tradesperson that installs stairs is obligated to guarantee that the steps have some kind of supporting rail.


Research conducted just in the UK found that around one thousand individuals pass away each year as a result of falling down stairs, and approximately one hundred thousand people seek medical attention for injuries sustained as a result of falling downstairs.

The majority of fatalities and injuries that occur in the house occur on the stairs. By having a handrail put along the edge of your staircase, you are making a significant contribution toward reducing the risk of serious injury or even loss of life.

It is essential to verify that the staircases in your house or even your place of the business comply with the most recent construction rules in order to keep people safe. The old and the young are the groups most likely to be at risk.

When people are using the stairs, it is important to make sure that any broken or damaged pieces are fixed or replaced as soon as a problem is discovered. This will guarantee that everyone's safety is maintained.


It is advised that rails be built by expert joiners, staircase installers, or other tradesmen to ensure that they are appropriately fastened to the wall. This will prevent injuries. Every rail should be fitted or installed according to the recommendations made by the supplier or manufacturer.

Advice Regarding the Safety of Rails

  • Rail at a height suitable for people of all ages
  • Check to see that the rails are attached properly.
  • The rails must be constructed from a tough material.
  • The rail need to be comfortable to hold onto.


A public awareness program run by the government encourages individuals to use caution while using stairs by grasping railings and avoiding the simultaneous transport of excessive loads in either direction.


They recommend that the stairs should have adequate lighting and be free of any debris. People going up and down the stairs might benefit from having a rail that is properly fastened in place. When individuals use the stairs, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions so that they do not get injured.


Home Interior Décor

When it comes to railings for staircases, the most essential consideration should always be safety; nevertheless, the aesthetic value of the property should also be taken into account. When it comes to selecting a rail, there is a wide variety of types and patterns from which to pick.

Banisters may be crafted from a wide variety of materials, including wood, stone, metal, and many more. The majority of rails can be constructed or painted to conform to particular specifications, such as having base rails, spindles, and a banister that all match. Railings made of wood can be carved by hand to incorporate engraving or patterns, giving the railings a more beautiful appearance.

In order to achieve a more ornamental appearance, nearly all types of stair railings are capable of being painted or even stained. Any staircase has the potential to become the focal point of the space; this may be accomplished by including a variety of design elements, including things like newel posts and handrails, into the structure.


It is simple to create a design that attracts attention since you have the opportunity to build and customize the rails to meet the criteria that are unique to your project.

Wooden railings are both well-designed and constructed out of materials that are quite long-lasting. The vast majority of staircases are equipped with wooden handrails since this material is one of the most durable and adaptable types of railings that can be purchased.

Metal rails have a tendency to have more of an effect on industrial style, while yet trying to have a classic and beautiful sense to them. The utilization of metal railings and other stair pieces makes it simple to fashion a fashionable staircase, and design options range from understated classics to cutting-edge chrome accents.

Your home's staircase can either be an unremarkable and standard stairway or it can become the focus of attention inside the space. The majority of individuals choose having their staircase serve as the primary center of interest in the space because this enables them to highlight an element that is typically regarded as dull in an approach that is far more colorful and one-of-a-kind.



In addition to making your house more secure in general, handrails may also improve the aesthetic quality of the space they're installed.

By installing handrails on a rear deck, for example, you can make the space feel much more like an extension of your house than it did before, which may transform it from a place in your home that you only use on occasion into a lively gathering place where people love to congregate.

In this regard, several various handrail systems are available for purchase, allowing customers to select the one that most closely resembles the mental image they have of the finished product. While some homeowners want to maintain continuity with the current color scheme and mood, others favor strikingly different aesthetics.


Increase the value of your property

Because handrails were installed in your home, the resale value of your property will increase in the event that you decide to put it up for sale at some point in the future. Handrails are a sign of a safe property, which is important to prospective buyers because they are always seeking for qualities that they want in a house.

A flat surface by itself cannot provide the same level of safety and aesthetic appeal that handrails can, which is why they are a welcome addition to any room. Putting up handrails is a simple job that, should you ever find yourself in a position where you need to sell your home, will more than pay for itself.



The installation of handrails provides essential visual clues for the arrangement of your home's rooms. As an illustration, individuals have a tendency to avoid locations near exposed ledges, which results in inefficient use of your available square footage.

Because tenants and guests will have the visual confirmation that they are secure and comfortable, they will be more inclined to utilize all of the space that is available to them, which will make your residence more pleasant and more hospitable as well.

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